Custom Design Kitchen Pantry in Bedford, NH

We can solve more storage problems than just bedroom closets. Tired of food items getting lost or pushed to the back of poorly designed cabinets? Does your kitchen have the space but lack the storage your family needs? 

A kitchen is a gathering place for meal preparation and family time. Having disorganization in the kitchen can cause problems and wasted time trying to find things. Behind Clothes Doors can customize your kitchen pantry to be an efficient and valuable part of your kitchen.

A tasteful addition to any kitchen, a pantry organization system will perk up your home and your day. Entertain with elegance and ease with built-in glass and wine racks, hooks to hang linens, and drawers to store servers and silverware. Storage shelves organize cookbooks, and boxed and canned goods, while storage cabinets close to conceal cleaners or large cookware. With an organized kitchen pantry, you see what you have so less food goes to waste which means fewer trips to the supermarket.

Design Consultation

Our free design consultations are scheduled for fun and function. The Behind Clothes Doors specialists will arrive at your home at the agreed-upon to take a look at your kitchen and pantry. We will take measurements to see what we can do, and listen to what you want from the space. The design needs to meet your needs since you will be using it daily.

Visual Representation

It helps to see the finished results in your Bedford, NH kitchen pantry. Once our consultation is completed we will create a 3D rendering of the space and present it to you so you can virtually walk into the new pantry. You will see the functionality and where everything will go, how it functions and how it will truly improve your home.

Kitchen Pantry Bells and Whistles

We have a variety of gadgets and accessories to enhance the function and design of your pantry. Our finishes and designs will allow the pantry to enhance the beauty of your kitchen and your home. You will find everything is readily accessible and that will save you time in hunting for items in your new custom pantry.

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Behind Clothes Doors has many satisfied customers and we know how to customize what you want and need into our design so it meets your special needs. Contact us today so we can get to work for you no