​​Custom Designed Laundry Room Storage

Say goodbye to the disorganized piles and rickety shelves in the laundry room. Whether you’re looking for storage options for dirty laundry or detergent and fabric softener supplies, custom-built storage for the laundry area provides an immediate improvement for organizing and tidily your laundry room.

Laundry can seem like a never-ending task but you can make the space you sort, fold, and clean more enjoyable with our home organization solutions. We can design a laundry room for you that matches your home decor.

Behind Clothes Doors laundry room cabinet systems are custom designed to accommodate any space, any size washer and dryer, and any size family. A BCD laundry room can feature things like pull-out storage baskets, fold-out ironing boards, hampers for sorting, cabinets and adjustable storage shelves and racks as well as rods for hanging clothes.

Personalized Consultation

Once you schedule a consultation, our design specialist will come to your home and make a complete assessment of your space. We will take measurements, and look at your equipment and what things require storage. Then we sit with you to discuss what you are looking for, and how you want it to look so that we can then create your perfect space.

Designing your Bedford, NH Laundry Room

Once we complete the consultation we get to work with our 3D rendering software that will allow you to see what the finished laundry room will look like. This process usually takes a few days, but we work to get it done as soon as possible for you. This allows you to see where everything will go. Once you approve the design, we provide you with our estimate so you can see how affordable our custom work is.

Customer Satisfaction

We take great pride in our work at Behind Clothes Doors. Our customer reviews clearly demonstrate that. Our experience allows us to make sure that the design met all of your needs and requirements No job is too big or small, let Behind Clothes Doors create a space you will be happy with for years to come.

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Behind Clothes Doors is ready to help you transform your Bedford, NH laundry room into a special space for you. There is no reason to delay having Behind Clothes Doors come by and create the best laundry room that we can so you will no longer struggle with laundry. Call us or use the button below today for a free consultation.